Virtual Reality Check: The Opportunity for 360° Video

At the start of the year in the inevitable ‘10 Marketing Trends You Absolutely Must Know About, Or Face Being Upstaged By Trey The 19 Year Old Bearded Intern’ articles, Virtual Reality (VR) was regularly identified as an important marketing trend for 2016. So far brands have struggled to capture consumers’ imaginations with what should be a really exciting new ad format.

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How Facebook’s new Audience Overlap Tool can improve your acquisition

38% of men who claim to hate Justin Bieber… actually love him.

A good campaign setup on Facebook will have a mix of interest, lookalike and custom audience targeting, but have you ever considered how much your audiences overlap?

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Facebook Lead Ads

What are they?

Facebook have streamlined the process of generating new leads through Lead Ads. They appear like a normal mobile newsfeed advert. The clear call to action button can be anything from ‘subscribe now’, ‘download now’ or even ‘get quote’ and, when clicked on, launches a native lead ad form within Facebook itself. This then prepopulates the user’s data from their Facebook profile and takes the user moments to complete the sign up process.

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An Experiment Into the Impact of Display Advertising

Last week, quickthink conducted an experiment to see how display adverts really impact each consumer’s decision making process, and the results may surprise you.

The growth of omnichannel marketing

2016 is set to see marketers combining channels to create more complex and personalised consumer journeys than ever before. Omnichannel marketing gives marketers the opportunity to deliver a personalised user journey whilst reaching consumers wherever they are on the web, and is fast becoming the way to get your brand noticed.

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Time to Personalise not Generalise

The term Millennial is so hot right now…

For the last few years marketing to this elusive generation has been the subject of many books, panel discussions and industry events. Whilst attending one of these industry events, listening to a meme of YouTubers talk. It dawned on me that the ‘generation’ being discussed with such broad strokes, covered the majority of the people in the room. Including me. As a Millennial, the strategies being discussed on stage should have seemed logical and resonated with me. But they didn’t.

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The Power of Frozen makes the South Bank delicious

Having been eagerly anticipated by the Quickthink team since we heard it was coming to town, today was when Iceland’s Surf and Turf shack finally hit London’s South Bank. Everyone in the office today made it down to the South Bank. We were a mix of people, some who work on Iceland campaigns, some who shop at Iceland and some who knew nothing about any of it. Needless to say the prospect of free angus burgers, wild boar sausages, calamari, venison, sea bass, artisan breads and donuts was enough to get even our laziest media buyer out of their seat. To help things along Quickthink had also deployed a localised post code targeted facebook campaign to make sure everyone in south bank knew about the Surf and Turf shack’s visit today.

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How to launch a brand new product with data-informed marketing

When we are faced with the challenge of marketing new products for our clients, sometimes we don’t know exactly where’s best to start. But we do know that data-driven marketing always works best for driving response and that our ‘test and learn’ approach means we can quickly cut out any waste from our spends and focus on the ROI. Here’s a practical example of how using data in a smart way can deliver results really quickly for a campaign …

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Giving charities the digital edge

Yesterday Katie, Keane and I were invited along to the charity VeForum seminar afternoon where we could ‘learn actionable insight from some of the industry’s leading speakers on digital strategy’. Typical of these types of events it was informative but with a salesy undercurrent. For those of you who are not familiar with VeInteractive they offer a platform solution to tackle low on-site conversion by re-targeting the basket abandoner before they actually leave your site. Low successful donation rates are renowned in the Charity sector, but that’s not all they have up against them. This is my summary of the talks.

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Online Gaming marketing post point of consumption

Text of an article contributed to January 2015 edition of E Gaming review discussing how the online gaming industry should change its marketing spends in response to tax increases by the UK government.

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Mobile first web-design: Foundation vs Bootstrap

ZURB Foundation and Twitter’s Bootstrap currently lead in the field in mobile-first HTML frameworks, and the importance of building responsive websites is increasing year-on-year; take a look at some of the statistics from February 2014 on global device traffic by device below. Having worked extensively with both frameworks on several projects, I will quickly run through the reasons why I prefer Foundation.

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