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We specialise in delivering fast moving digital advertising campaigns on Facebook, Twitter and Display


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We change our clients’ minds about what digital can do for their business! From generating hard sales ROI to delivering massive reach at a fraction of the cost of traditional media, we do it all.

Facebook specialists

We move Facebook from the experimental into a hardcore business building ROI machine. One of our clients went from zero to over a £million in under a year!

Data driven

Inside every business is a ton of data just waiting to be sliced, diced and marketed. We see dramatic returns for our clients as we deploy their data to Facebook and RTB in ways they never thought possible.

Proven expertise and transparency

Our job is to help our clients and their businesses to grow. We share all of our knowledge. Sharing insights that help businesses is what our clients’ value most. Click here to see our latest Facebook case study

Long-term value

Our in house behavioural science team help our clients create greater engagement and extract higher yields from their customers. We have deployed our multi-channel algorithmic CRM approach for clients and demonstrated impressive ROI against control.

"Quickthink are a fantastic partner for us. Their adaptability, speed and knowledge of the marketplace has played a huge part in our fundraising success over the past few years."

Hannah Redmond - Head of National Events Marketing, Macmillan Cancer Support